The Deluge triggered by Corrupt Pakistani Leadership and Ostriches of the Nation

Dear Friends,


We need to mobilize if we want to see a tomorrow. The critical mass has reached for Pakistan's integrity and the matrix of time and action have passed. Now it is a dire emergency requiring emergency action. The govt. is planning an exit strategy, not for you and I but just their cabal. It is beyond a wakeup call. ‘The hyenas are coming around and down the mountain when they come’. Here is a piece I have just written as an angry response to Qazi Hussein Ahmed's hyperbole and contravention.



A Rejoinder to Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s ‘Islamisation and Islamic Ideology’


The article by Qazi Hussain Ahmed “Islamisation: Cure of all evils” has drawn much attention despite the existential peril the country faces. The content of his sermon is misleading diatribe, rather than any solutions to the present quagmire which lies at the door of MMA epoch in NWFP, no less than all other factors involved. I would say” No” Mr. Mr. Qazi”, Islamisation is not as old as independence; it came centuries ago. It had little to do with Quaid-e-Azam’s vision of Pakistan’s raison d’etre. The struggle for Pakistan by that man of steel will and sterling character Jinnah was for the oppressed Muslims of India so that they could live by the values ordained by Allah and practiced by his Prophet (PBUH), but emphatically not a to be a theocracy. Mullah and bigots had been stoutly excluded from any space or role except to lead prayers. It is indelible part of history that Mr. Maudoodi and his zealots in addition to the Ahrars and Khaksars had inextricably and virulently opposed the creation of Pakistan, calling it Na Pakistan and its great founder and father, the saintly Quaid-e-Azam, Kafir-e-Azam. So, none of the religious political cabal or the rabid congressite of Frontier and Baluchistan have any legitimate claim to the philosophy behind the creation of Pakistan. My father was a pioneer and a leading light of Quaid’s Muslim League in Baluchistan (The original one which was buried with the Quaid).  I had participated in the Pakistan movement as a 12 year old member of the Muslim Student Federation in Baluchistan, and remember well the role of India’s villainous religious bigots and Ghandi disciples in Peshawar and Quetta, who were under the Mahatma’s oxymoronic Khilafat movement.


The Quaid had incontrovertibly and comprehensively stipulated on 11th August, 1947 as the President of the constituent assembly that Pakistan will not be a theocratic state but a secular one. He had unambiguously reiterated that to the Reuter’s Correspondent in Delhi in 1946, and in his address to the American and Australian people. So, touché sir, any other perception about Islamisation and ideology of Pakistan is a manufactured ruse.  Mr. Qazi should also know that Ideology is “Rigidly held dogma”, not rooted in Faith. Islam is a monotheist powerful Faith as enunciated and spread by the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) is at much higher levels than an ideology- Communism is an ideology, which runs in a rigid groove denying human mind, intellect and activity any flexibility. Islam provides its believers infinite capacity of thought and action; of acquiring knowledge to capture the elements of nature as is ordained by God. Islam is spirituality so powerful that neither the west with all its might nor the Hindu with all their demons can harm. But it is unsafe in the hands of Mullah and their Jahil (illiterate) disciples. They even beat the devil in malevolence.  The nation of 170 Million watches in terrified animation how the sanctity of Islam has been contorted by primordial cavemen. The process gathered impetus in Zia-ul-Haq’s pique epoch and imposed during MMA’s unpopular rule in the frontier, courtesy Gen. Musharraf. Their holistic defeat in the fairest elections should be a bitter reminder how the nation holistically rejected the MMA. Their defeat was owed to corruption, lack of development and intrinsically its ritual centric interpretation of religion, transcending the edict that “there is no compulsion in Islam” in rather than [Salihât] oriented code of conduct in the ephemeral existence.


 To put the record straight, the word ‘Islamic ideology’ or ‘Ideology of Pakistan’ was never uttered for 15 years after its creation. It was in 1962, during Ayub Khan’s era, that one sole Maulvi Abdul Bari, an Ayub Khan fan from Jamaat Islami, uttered the word Ideology of Pakistan and Islam being the Ideology. No one in the meeting had the guts to question when the word Islam was mentioned. Half a century later, similar lily livered and frail men and women have passed the controversial Adl bill for Swat from the dread of the vulgar threat of apostasy given by a half-literate Moulvi. In Pakistani the fault lines and fissures to the true spirit of Islamic faith run through the type certification of Wahabi and other dispensations which spawned seething hatred for each other. Ironically, the actual enduring, and now up close, danger to Islam always emanated from religious fundos and extremists that fit Allama Iqbal’s aphorism “Do Rakat ka Moulvi”. I, as millions of others, grew up in the thirties and saw Islam living and vibrant, at its best, in our homes as much as in the mosques and at work. Our parents and siblings lived by the ideals and values of Islam and were the proud followers of the greatest man of the last century - Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the sole creator of Pakistan.  He was a special man of God, who alone changed the history and geography of the world. The greatest hurdle challenging the idea and concept of Pakistan as conceived by Allama Iqbal and during Jinnah’s struggle for its fruition was not as much from Ghandhi and Nehru as from the fierce Maulana Maudoodi (J I), Attaullah Shah Bokhari (Ahrars) and the schoolmaster politician of negativity, Allama Mashraqi (The head of Khaksars movement) who aped the Nazi SS men with steel helmets and sharpened spades. He even made an ugly attempt on the life of founder of Pakistan, the Quaid-e-Azam. All of them had obdurately opposed the creation of Pakistan tooth and nail. So whose ideology and which hue of Islamisation are we reading about?


No, there was no such thing as “Islamic Ideology as old a s independence”, Mr. Qazi is marketing today as the raison d’etre of Pakistan. His claim holds no water about “Islamisation” of strong believers, pious and practicing Muslim majority in what became Pakistan. It sounds so oxymoronic because Islamisation of Muslims was never uttered by any leader struggling with the great leader, the Quaid-Azam. What Maudoodi and his disciples wanted (and continue unabated) was to peddle Wahabi dispensation through threat and intimidation as he had declared that those not converting to his type certified version were Kafirs (Infidels). Up until then Islam was safe and living in our mind, heart and soul and expressed resolutely in our code of conduct. The Quaid had vociferously and unambiguously propounded about the values and traditions of Islam, not dogmatic theocratic interpretation by multitude sects (with 72 Sects in Islam at the time) calling each other Kafirs and culpable of apostasy and hence could be murdered. In 1947, after they discovered that Ghandi and Nehru had no space for them, these religious fundamentalists crawled in to what they had contemptuously referred to as Palidistan (land of the impure) and Na Pakistan. That was the cardinal reason why the Quaid wanted religion and the state as emphatically separate issues. We were true and united Muslims till the Quaid’s early demise. Soon thereafter Islam was exploited as a political weapon by the fundamentalists and this nation lost its stature and became a mob; to be led by mobsters.


That was when peaceful Muslim society came under threat from these imports and Pakistan was pushed in to the abyss of religious bigotry and the Unity of the nation delivered a blow which is today looking like Pakistan’s nemesis. Here I come to Mr. Qazi’s claim that the nation was screaming for Objectives Resolution. Nothing could be farther from truth! That deceptive resolution was to become Pakistan’s Achilles heel.


 Allegedly, Choudary Mohammad Ali, a rabid disciple of Maudoodi convinced Liaqat Ali Khan to introduce the divisive and controversial “Objectives Resolution”. It was not the demand of the masses at all as has been blatantly claimed. It was introduced as a deceptive alternative to giving the nation a constitution based on Jinnah’s profound vision of a parliamentary democracy.  It was done to capitalise on the religious emotions of the new nation to create a constituency for Liaqat Ali Khan, who had none at the time. Bigots caught the Islamic content of the resolution in the air, as Liaquat Ali was murdered. Elections were avoided by Liaquat Ali Khan just for the specific reason that he was uncertain to win in elections. Objectives Resolution was a dagger pushed deep in to Quaid-e-Azam’s dream of a liberal, egalitarian Pakistan where equality and justice for all Pakistanis transcending religion, faith, creed and colour was to be supreme and the bigoted Mullah had no place except the pulpit. The platitudes about the Quaid in Mr. Qazi’s article convince no one.


This is a long debate how Pakistan was steered away from becoming a progressive state on the basis of values of Islam and not the rituals which have little substance. We are paying a traumatic price for those blunders of history because our leaders did not learn from its lessons, nor did the nation learn to differentiate between a fakes, impostors, plunderers, bigots from real good men of God. How big a price we will finally pay is no more a guessing game even for scores of millions of super-ostriches inhabiting what was Jinnah’s Pakistan? The forebodings are like sirens screaming, “Wake-up Pakistanis”, and if you do not, then one day, God forbid, you will have no where on earth to go or even hide.  I hope intellectuals of upscale stature like Mr. Mehdi Hassan; Ayaz Amir (AA), Shireen Mazari and Anjum Niaz would enlighten the people on issues that are threatening Quaid’s Pakistan and shout out that it is better to die standing for a cause than to live a hundred years on your knees in supplication to hoards which render Halaku Khan a sissy.  AA, a plea to you; please spare us the (N) alternative, notwithstanding your party loyalty. Rise above this mediocre mumbo-jumbo cabal. Your profound articulation becomes soggy when you market and innocuously promote mediocrity between your lines, which is not at all convincing, let alone the solution.


Only Quaid’s vision of Pakistan can cure all evils, nothing else will. It is not an option any more and only unity, grit and courage by the nation and its defenders can save us. Inexorably, the pretenders of Pakistan’s destiny hunkered in and hiding in the white houses are not consumed by the threat to your and my security. Have no doubt they are right now busy finalising plan “Exit” followed by the track and destination, when the deluge descends down the Margalla hills. As for Mr. Qazi, the country’s integrity is in dire peril and not Islam. So please change tack and propound unity across all schisms. We have even crossed the critical mass and the deluge will be descending down the Margallas sooner than you can say Jack Robinson.


S Sajad Haider

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    Phantom Khan (Sunday, 26 April 2009 14:11)

    Like your blog and the message, however sir you seem to give too much credit to Jinnah. I believe this part of the subcontinent is a hell let loose in a egg basket credit to this man's inside the box thinking! Was turkish model not available in his times is the question?
    Anyway, thats neither here nor there. Lets hope Pakistan does not become another Taliban state like Afghanistan!

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    Well Wisher (Sunday, 26 April 2009 21:04)

    "a man who devoted his life and his legacy to the liberation of those persecuted people of the sub-continent who deserved the power to control their own destiny. He laid three pillars of strength – Unity | Faith | Discipline – three basic principles upon which Pakistan was to be built. Today, when we look around, we find ourselves lost in a cloud of disloyal politicians and armed bandits who took Pakistan by the horns and seized it for their own personal gain, neglecting the millions who have fought for generations to obtain their own identity."

    Thats a joke. First no salt of the earth tin pot pakistani general or even a Lt ever treated common man with dignity. Yes servants, orderlies etc. Then on top of it in case you guys were napping, The army ran the country for a better part of Paki history and here we are. The worst democracy is better then the best dictatorship!

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    well wisher too (Sunday, 03 May 2009 13:17)

    Mr. Haider, its a breath of fresh air to see forums such as your's, now available on the WEB. Also nice to see opposing objective views along with accolades towards your effort. One thought I wish to part with your viewers, people are same all over the planet. What holds them honest in developed societies is not "Unity, faith and discipline" rather Checks and Balances and law enforcements embedded into their systems. Case in point USA where the second amendment of the United States Bill of Rights protects a right to keep and bear arms has the best law enforcement protection for their citizens. Ofcourse freedom of thought regardless of how procovative the view may be is important to get the message across! I like the idea of shocking backwardness and narrowmindedness with logical opposing views. In my humble opinion, is essential to develop young minds away from radicalism!

  • #4

    M (Tuesday, 19 May 2009 08:31)

    The seeds of religious extremism in Pakistan were sown long before to Zia’s time and US led attack of Afghanistan and since the early days of Pakistan’s.

    A very interesting read on this is the Government Report on 1953 Punjab Riots;

    Report on riots of 1953 (Urdu)

    Report on riots of 1953 (English)

  • #5

    M (Tuesday, 19 May 2009 08:33)

    Unfortunately many people are not getting the importance of Munir report of 1953. They need someone like Taliban to teach them these lessons the hard way.

    Here is a study of this report by Javaid Aslam

    Relevance of Munir Report on 1953 Riots For Today’s Pakistan

  • #6

    M (Tuesday, 19 May 2009 08:35)

    Recommendations by Javaid Aslam study;

    - We should seriously move away from considering Islam as the basis of our nationhood. In the last 59 years we have achieved much as a nation. We are a nuclear power. We have won Olympic 60 gold medals in hockey and have been World Champions in squash and cricket. One of our citizens has won the Nobel prize. Such events are the basis of creating fierce national pride and even as a new nation we now have enough motivation to have nationalism as our ideological basis. The message in this connection needs to be explicitly and implicitly built into our curriculum. Our independent media, specially the new T.V channels are already discussing this issue. Our state controlled media should also systematically work on this aspect. Patriotism instead of religiosity needs to be stressed further. Attention should however be on stressing our positives without raising jingoistic feelings that may compromise our peaceful existence.

    - The popularity of religious parties is over-rated. Without crutches of the establishment they tend to flounder. Petty interests in supporting these parties should end and our next elections should be completely free and fair in order to promote the mainstream parties.

    -Our salvation is in true democracy. Cure for bad democracy is more democracy and not greater control of undemocratic forces. Efforts at creating controlled democracy should end. Under the present scenario there is no likelihood of a popular movement that could unsettle the establishment. This public attitude has more to do with a total disenchantment with affairs of the state, than any 61 political consideration. Such disenchantment, however, eventually compromises all feelings of nationalism. The Army as a strong national institution has to rise above petty interests and has to recognize the importance of building civilian institutions. True democracy is possible only if it is actively allowed to continue as such by the army as an institution. The powerful in this case has thus to recognize its patriotic duty. As a beginning, a sense of responsibility in this connection needs to be built up in the armed forces. The true import of the oath taken by all members of the armed forces needs to be stressed in all military training institutes at all levels. Greater civilian control over military training institutions would help in this context.

    -Media should be allowed to be completely free. Monthly envelopes for journalists should end. State advertisements through press should be discontinued and they may be made through internet. Joy rides for journalists on foreign tours should also end, as all these interventions are mere euphemisms for bribing the media. A free media shall ensure the necessary external check for keeping democratic governments on track.

    -Judiciary should be completely free. Mode of selection of judges should be changed and a US style selection system may be adopted. This would provide backbone to the judiciary to withstand illegal demands of un-representative governments and 62 would transform them into truly bi-partisan defenders of the Constitution.

    -Bureaucracy should be given protection to play its due role in a Whitehall style relationship with political masters. Service organizations may be encouraged and they should become the watch guards for maintenance of standards within the service groups. Whistle blowing may be encouraged as this would in itself promote a system of checks and balances within civilian governments. The start in this connection would be through completely free elections as validly elected governments would themselves realize the benefits of such arrangements for ensuring strengthening of civilian institutions.

    -As there is little likelihood of any further war and we already have nuclear deterrence, the size of army and defense outlays may be reduced. Provision of higher funding for social sector development would in itself ensure development of enlightened institutions in the longer run. We should learn the futility of large military machines in the absence of equitable social development by observing the fate of the Soviet Union.

    - Provinces should be provided maximum autonomy and the control of federation may be minimized. Larger resource transfer for provinces may be ensured through amending NFC mechanism. A regular NFC secretariat, that works around the 63 year to finalize resource allocation proposals should be set up. Stronger Provinces would entail a stronger Federation. This would also reduce inter-provincial frictions.

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    Haroon Ghalib (Thursday, 21 May 2009 16:07)

    Great article!
    MMA and these Qazi's i guess should be sent straight to firing squads!they brain washed the young generation whose parents sent them to Madrissa's to learn Quran and they taught them how to use an AK47! They brought shame to the sacred madrissas where people got educatedand enlighted themselves with the words of wisdom, much like Notre Dam here in USA which is a catholic universty and was even vocal about not giving an honorary degree o Obama when he visited. A university which teaches tenets of catholicism and look what our Islamic bigots did! A shame!
    The only difference bw islam and other monotheistic religions was "the dynamics" and not the "staticity",these mullahs preached the latter, which is and was irony! Great to see u mentioned Iqbal when he called them Do Rakat ke maulvi!!!!!
    Before pak became a reality they opposed it, today they want to own it! one thing is common "prepartition" Muftis (coz they ate muft ka maal) and Abul Kalams used ISLAM to oppose pakistan and today agian the use the same ISLAM to own it, by become the champs!
    The young generation needs to read history,read Tariq Ali, read Sajad Haider read Stanely Wolpert and not MUTALEY e PAKISTAN!!!! to see the first hand accounts of these thugs!
    Thankgod Jinnah didnt pay heed to these rascals else some of us would hae perished in gujarat and TODAY we have to tackle them, the young! study open ur mind islam is not static its vibrance,they day u sat on the prayer rug asking everything from God and dont move ur bu**s,even HIM is not going to give u anything!remember Iqbal!!!!
    Khuda neen ajj tak uss kaum ki halat nai badli!!!!!

  • #8

    Burney (Monday, 01 June 2009 10:35)

    The writer with all his idiocy does not know that Quaid-e-Azam never used the word "secular" in relation to Pakistan in any of his speeches. Dr. Safdar Mahmood proved this a dozen times in his articles against liberal fascists.

  • #9

    Shahid (Monday, 08 June 2009 07:34)

    Rafiq attacked Jinnah in 1943. He was not a Khaksar but a Muslim Leaguer from Lahore. The writer should look into historical documents.

    It was a well planned attack against the Khaksar Tehrik. Read Nasim Yousaf (Allama Mashriqi's grandson) response on Mashraqi's web site:

    Despite the prosecution’s best attempts to prove that the assailant was a Khaksar, Justice Blagden of the Bombay High Court stated in his decision that there was no evidence to prove that Jinnah’s attacker was a Khaksar. Thus, there is no justification left to state that the assailant was a Khaksar.

    Further details of the Bombay High Court trial are also published in Barrister Akbar A. Peerbhoy’s (Quaid-e-Azam’s nephew) book entitled “Jinnah Faces an Assasin”.

  • #10

    SAAD BILAL (Wednesday, 22 July 2009 04:13)

    I feel that Quid e Azam was only the great leader of our nation.

  • #11

    Khokhar (Thursday, 22 October 2009 17:19)

    Excellent piece:

    "Pakistan and India: The Case for Unification"

    Paper presented at the New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYCAS) at Cornell
    University held on October 09-10, 2009.

  • #12

    Indian Pakistanibaser (Wednesday, 04 November 2009 17:55)

    Mr. Haider..saw your boastful rants on You forgot what India did to your country in 1971 just 6 years after your rants...we divided it into some more and we will do it again...remember it you inferior Pakistanis

  • #13

    sajad (Thursday, 16 December 2010 06:04)

    You hyperbole reflects your pithy bravado in anonymity. If you can read books, i suggest you find war diaries of Gen. Jugindar Singh,Luchhman Singh, Pushpindar Singh Chopra, AM Raganvendharan, Samir Chopra and recent article by Ms.Bose,daughter of Subashchandar Bbose (Spellings may not be correct). Then post an apology for your ignorance about the metal of Pakistani fighters,their valor in the Wars,in the candid words of the above quoted gentlemen. 71 war was a political loss not military.