Anguish of a veteran

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    Mudassar Saleh (Wednesday, 22 October 2014 13:43)

    Every patriotic Pakistani feel like Sir Sajjad in this context.

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    amit india (Friday, 24 October 2014 04:35)

    what nonsense by a rabid and supposedly ace PAF fighter.Pity your understanding .Seems frustrated a lot. Maybe the ignominy of being part of armed forces which capitulated before "infidels" (india) in 1971 rankles you no end.Sir, you are an octogenarian, may god give you long life,but remember you will go to the grave with the humiliation of being part of a nation which surrendered before the infidels.Try to understand ,Where your Islamic country stands in World today compared with Secular India. It was not Gandhi who was a toad but your Jinnah who was a narrow minded bigot.As for Nehru ,Jinnah was a pauper if intellect alone is to be compared. DO a World wide poll ( excluding indians and pakistanis) and you will realise the stupidity of your arguments.My 72 virgins receive you in jannat ,Sir.

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    Sajad haider (Friday, 24 October 2014 13:10)

    Mr. Amit,

    Pl. read if you can the books by famous Indian critics and historians such as Pushpindar Singh Chopra's Fizayya, and award winning Jagan Mohan and Samir Chopra and the renouned Dr. Shastiri to comprehend what sane intellectuals of India have to say. Expletives do not auger sanguine like hysterics, but a tryst with reality may enlighten you. Meanwhile remember courage is an intellectual attribute not brute force.

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    essay writing help (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 07:53)

    we must remember its veterans! these are the people who defended our country, which gave us the future

  • #5 (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 12:30)

    I believe that each generation should remember and honor the memory of the veterans. Indeed, thanks to them we can live.

  • #6 (Tuesday, 13 February 2018)

    I love that you care about those who gave their lives for the best of the community. Veterans should be praised more nowadays. You're doing a great job.

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    Sajad haider (Tuesday, 13 February 2018 10:49)

    For the emotional diatribe and stupid comparisons by mr. Amit, I Ask him and others of same bias to read the latest book by an Indian intellectual SHEELA REDDY, TITLED MR. N MRS. JINNAH to comprehend the personality of Mr. Jinnah and opinion of the great Indian leader Sarojni Naidu n many other Hindu intellectuals. Pity the delusional minds that do not assimilate right from wrong.

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    internet essay (Friday, 08 June 2018 06:31)

    This is a story to remember and know, because if a person does not have a history, they are easy to manage

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    essays on the holocaust read here (Friday, 08 June 2018 07:04)

    where is the article ? maybe you just did not put it in? but the rest I really liked

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